Project Management Staffing and Consulting

Metagyre is not a staff augmentation company. If your need is to put butts in chairs there are a number of good staffing companies we can recommend.

Problem: Every company runs projects and sometimes the project needs out pace the project managers on staff. Staffing firms are experts at harvesting resumes. Are resumes and interviews what you need?

Solution: PMO scaling for project overflow. Trained project managers that understand your IT and business requirements who can successfully deliver complex projects and are from a project management firm dedicated to ensuring your project success.

Our project managers undergo a rigorous boot camp training program focused on effectively managing complex projects using our Results Oriented Project Execution (ROPE) framework. This intensive training equips them with enhanced problem-solving and innovation skills, regardless of their prior experience level. Graduates emerge from the program with a strong foundation in successfully navigating intricate projects.

Project managers who complete training are then paired up with one of our senior program managers as a mentor to provide guidance, ensure ongoing support and take responsibility for the outcomes of their project managers.

Metagyre project managers have raised the bar by providing exceptional project management services using the Results Oriented Project Execution framework. Our project managers’ success stems from knowing the unique needs of complex technical and business projects and having the experience required to work with all stakeholders from technical engineers to senior leadership.